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Global Fundraiser and Petition In Solidarity with Sadrack Ndotar

Sadrack has been an MSF employee since 2017, based out of the Central African Republic (CAR).
He is dying of joint kidney failure.
Dialysis machines do not exist in CAR, so Sadrack had to fly to stay to stay alive.
MSF only provides health coverage for “national” employees in their countries of residence, unlike the care provided to “international” staff. they initially refused to provide him with a loan to cover his emergency treatments.
After 8 days of waiting, Sadrack was finally provided with a loan (equalling 37 months of debt). MSF refused his application for reimbursement in December 2021 citing its (discriminatory) health coverage policy.

We launched a petition and fundraiser in collaboration with Sadrack and other “national” employees in December 2021 in a bid to support three months of life-saving care, lodging, travel, food, water/electricity, and communication as his medical situation becomes clearer.

Sadrack now requires 3 rounds of dialysis per week for the foreseeable future.

Since our action, MSF has approved initial reimbursement of his initial medical costs (not his complete costs) and has not yet committed to his ongoing costs.

Please contribute to the gofundme and sign and share this petition widely. Sadrack is in this situation because of MSF’s inhumane & discriminatory staff structure.